Welcome to KITE FUEL

Welcome to KITE FUEL! Our category focused on off-the-water fitness and health to help supercharge your kite sessions.

Here we'll share what we do off the water to prepare, or recover, from the latest kite sessions.

Workout ideas to get you kite-fit, stretching for kitesurfers, and even some yoga we've discovered that specifically helps for kiting. The fun thing about kite fitness is discovery, finding new exercises and ways to workout, yoga poses. We're stoked to share what we've found and even locations of our favorite hikes!

Superfoods and meal ideas to get your body the fuel it needs to keep charging on the water, and recharging after. These can be simple add ons for energy boosts, cool local foods unique to destinations of our travels, the best beach snacks for kitesurfers, or our flat out fav meals :)

Please note, our content is only intended to inspire your own methods for health and fitness.

Take what you like, leave what you don't like or maybe it just doesn't work for you, everyones different so it's important to listen to your body for sure.

Ultimately you, and only you are responsible for your well being...

Consult a physician and/or dietitian before new practices.

Everyone is different and has different health & dietary needs, it can be a journey discovering what kind of FUEL your body needs...so try to have fun with it and enjoy the journey.

Kite FUEL, off the water health and fitness to supercharge your kite sessions

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