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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

How does a beautiful resort, amazing food, and a water sports centre with a toyshop of kite equipment sound? And YES.. that ALL INCLUSIVE includes kite gear.

It can be hard to gauge online how accommodation price can compare to the real value of what you get on arrival...So I am here to share my personal experience at the Robinson Club Cape Verde from; what you can expect(lifestyle), fitness, food, and the perfect destination to kite-Kite in-Kite Out from your doorstep.

This could be your perfect next vacation if:

✔︎ you're looking for your first ever kite destination trip

✔︎ you want to kite off your doorstep

✔︎ you enjoy cocktails by the pool

✔︎ a non kiter in your party wants to feel pampered in luxury

✔︎ you're looking for a place to take your kitesurfing to the next level

This was our 2nd time back to the island of Sal, and our 2nd ALL INCLUSIVE on the island. The Robinson Club was this years official hotel partner that hosted the World's Top Kitesurf Athletes during the Kite Surf World Cup here in Cape Verde. I had heard the hotel was really nice, and googled to find out how vegetarian/vegan friendly it would be and, I have to say, all expectations were exceeded here at the Robinson Club.

What you can Expect at the Robinson Club

The Club is stunning.

Immaculate presentation of luxurious beachfront living.

From the EPIC fitness centre, to the beautiful presentation of delicious healthy food (and dessert!) to poolside afternoons and kiting right out the front, the Robinson Club Cape Verde was like enhanced living. It is the ultimate paradise for anyone working online & loving to kitesurf (that's us after World Tour Events!), or well, just the ideal destination of your next holiday.

Health & Fitness

As an athlete, maintaining a high level fitness is a priority, the fitness centre here at the Robinson Club felt like such a luxury. All the equipment is in mint condition, everything that you could want, it was like our dream gym.

I loved taking a yoga mat out to the rooftop deck in the mornings. It was such a beautiful way to start the day with some yoga & stretching.

Sanitizing spray was always topped up and available to wipe down equipment after use and there was drinking water as well.

From the gym to the pools for afew cool down laps before breaky, the pools are amazing.

There are 2 pools at the Robinson Club, large enough to comfortably swim laps, and truly a paradise to hang out at in the afternoons. There is also a sauna & Spa but we didn't have enough time to check those out so will have to look forward to that next time :)

Dining, Lounges & Coffee at the Robinson Club

Meals are buffet style, which is always my first thought when i'm going to an all inclusive. I've been a vegetarian almost my whole life, now i'd say i'm occasionally strictly vegan or mostly plant based (with the exception to pizza haha..)

My Typical Breakfast

  • some kind of steel cut oats or dairy free porridge

  • add nuts & dried fruit; apricot, figs, almonds, macadamia, sesame seeds -plenty of options for healthy toppings

  • honey

  • I loved to add ginger water to this little breaky, because I heard it's best to let nuts soak if they can, even a little, and I love ginger so it was great!

  • I also had 2-3 glasses of this ginger hot water to drink each morning, it was heavenly

(this was after competition...I tried my best to avoid the croissants before comp days)

Lunch was amazing, usually Vegan Poke Bowls for me with heaps of Delicious Toppings (there was even Apple Cider Vinegar & plenty other health foods I usually have in my pantry!).

Coffee is located around various lounges around the club. Real Espresso from the lounge cafe/bars to the coffee pods available right in your room. There was also a number of different teas you could help yourself to as well as coffee.

Dinner was a real treat, it was a fantastic flow between an array of hot entrees and abundance of sides, salads, cheeses, to small plates being crafted on the fly- these looked like the money plates off a restaurant menu- beautifully arranged and delicious features.

We were here for 2 weeks and never saw the same creation twice, we were very impressed. I'm not one to dabble in dessert but had to make a few exceptions here haha.. it's too good to pass up!

Kite in Kite Out, Robinson Club Water Centre

Kiting off your doorstep, Kite in, Kite Out and only steps away from that cold bevy at the beach bar post session. Living right on your kite spot, no driving required, is such a luxury and what we rate to be on the TOP of our wishlist booking a kite trip. Cape Verde has got to be one of the most consistent places for almost guaranteed wind.

Season: December- March

Avg Temp: 20-28 degrees Celsius

Water Temp:

Wind: 12-25knts +

Wetsuit: 2mm fullsuit or shorty

(Kiting is a windy sport so I tend to love having a 2mm wetsuit, for warmth to stay out kiting all day and as sun protection.)

If you’ll only be kiting for an hour or maybe 2 each afternoon off the Club, you would likely have no issues in just your board shorts.

It’s a beautiful temperature we’ve experienced 2 years in a row in Cape Verde between Feb- Mid March. Kiting here feels like your getting a natural spray tan when you come in from your session (and I do advocate for the regular use of sunscreen!) haha but i think i’ve got my nicest tan here in Cape Verde…

Robinson Club Water Centre in Cape Verde

The water centre is like a toyshop of kite equipment; they are a fully stocked with Kites, Wind Surfers, Foils and Hobie Cats. Included equipment rentals apply to guests with a qualification rating for independent use (ie: you are an independent kiter that can jump or you have a Catamaran License to take out a Catamaran without supervision)

Contact Robinson Club directly below to inquire what exactly is included.


Each Guest entering the water is equipped with a gps tracking device that can be activated to signal for rescue at any time. The water centre is well equipped with jet skis and all necessary safety system, they know where ALL guests are on the water with the gps.

As an IKO Qualified Kite Instructor I was very impressed with their watersports safety & operations.

Learn to Kite

This is an ideal training destination to take your first kite lessons. Lots of sandy beach to practice kite flying, and the wind can be a range of directions from cross-shore, to cross-off, jet skis are there for safety and rescue making any degree of offshore safe in this case for learning.

Robinson Club Testimonial

I come from an extensive background in customer service from working on teams, to store management, to being 1 of 2 waitstaff on a private island, 11 years of striving for a high degree of customer service & professionalism. I not only expect the highest level of cleanliness, but appreciate customer service that goes above and beyond, especially when it comes to dining and my dietary preferences. Here, at the Robinson Club I truly admire the attention to detail put forth by the staff, and I could comfortably sit back & enjoy myself in paradise.

Beautiful Club, excellently managed, it was truly such a pleasure to be here.

~Frances Kelly

Travelling & the World Pandemic of COVID-19

I’m writing this after the time the world has declared a global pandemic with the outbreak of this virus.

My stay at the Robinson Club was a duration of 2 weeks, far before this global crisis had escalated. It does not mean at the time I wasn’t aware of what was starting to rise up, and I took care to frequently wash my hands and I did use a knife and fork to eat everything. I still ate a whole pizza all to frequently, but i ate it with a knife & fork (and also added healthy toppings to make it feel less like diet cheating haha)

I think especially at any all inclusive or lounge, or anything with public serving tools, you should wash your hands after you’ve served yourself & before you indulge (I did ever time). Plus using a knife and fork is such an easy way to increase prevention.

The serving & waitstaff are meticulous in their procedures. The overall layout of the dining lounge and how the food is presented, is obviously well thought out, there was lots of sinks laid out for staff to maintain frequent hand washing.

Once the curve has been flattened, and we can continue to go about our daily lives and start looking for our next vacation, I would happily recommend the Robinson Club Cape Verde for your ALL INCLUSIVE getaway and Kite Holiday.

Direct Link to book your stay: Robinson Club Cape Verde

Thanks for being here :)

~Frances from Flukes Kitesurfing

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