How To Slow Down Kiteboarding, 3 Steps to a Controlled Stop

This kiteboarding tutorial will teach you 3 techniques to slow down & come to a controlled stop. See end for video tutorial.

3 Steps to Slow Down:

1) Bring your kite Higher

2) Edge Hard and steer your board upwind

3) Sheet out slowly -Hips & Shoulders back, your upper body should not be leaning over in front of the board. (resist the forward pull of the kite)

Using a combination of all 3 will help you to slow down under control, from here you can manage your speed to continue riding, change directions with a transition, or come to a complete controlled stop.

Choosing the right kite size is really the first step in the ability to manage your speed. It's much easier to come to a controlled stop without crashing or getting pulled over your board when you are not overpowered. (this will help keeping correct posture for step #3 when not overpowered with a kite )

To slow down, or completely stop, it really is a combination of steering your kite higher, slowly to 12 o'clock, edging upwind to help slow down while sheeting out gradually.

Trouble Shooting:

➜ you lose more direct steering of the kite the further the bar is sheeted out away from you, meaning you can't just sheet out suddenly if the kite is still at 45 degrees and expect to slow down.

➜ here with the kite around 10/10.30 o'clock (45 degrees) the kite is in a position it wants to continue pulling you forward, immediately sheeting out here isn't enough to slow down and you've compromised the steering.

➜ also, sending the kite directly to 12 o'clock too fast you could get airborne

➜ work on gradually steering the kite higher in the wind window with sheeting out.

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