Frances Kelly on The Island Vortex #PODCAST

I was stoked to get the call up to The Island Vortex to come on the show as a featured guest. Give it a listen here below, or download for offline listening on Spotify or Itunes directly from

Moments Captured from The Island Vortex

This was the moment the decision was made to pursue the dream of going pro.

1 month after that first competition, venturing back to the GKA website I had no idea i'd see myself on a banner image..or expected to see a world ranking.. this sparked it all.

The Wipeout.

Cabo Verde, in conditions of a lifetime...

Event #3 in Taria, Spain with the worlds' most supportive boyfriend, and yes, he competes to!

Up until the last event we were both either Canada/Canada or Aus/Aus haha.

Check out all the amazing other featured guests on The Island Vortex :)

I'm sure lucky to call this island home, and to have a friend like Molly, can't thank her enough for having me on the show and always believing in me.

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