Competition, Learning Curves & Pushing our Kite Limits on the World Tour

Hey Guys thanks for tuning in!

Flukes Kitesurfing Youtube Channel IS here to stay

We can't thank everyone enough for your personal messages

& emails asking about our well being,

haha yes there was an absence of videos from the Flukes Kitesurfing Youtube Channel,

No we haven't moved on to other things :)

although new videos did get put on holdas we pursued

taking our own kiting to the next level...

but really :) that's what our Channel is all about.

2019 Was such an EXCITING, WILD, year, it's hard to convey in one blog post haha.

Here's a short/hectic insight of what we experienced while we took our kiting to the next level :) haha


2019 Kicked off to an exciting & very spontaneous start when (total fluke but) Frances ended 2018 with a world ranking. 2 weeks later we were on a plane to Cabo Verde, had never heard of that place before.. but here we go, fast tracked into competition kitesurfing with some of the worlds' best athletes.


Competing is almost its own art, and/or be considered its own learning curve.

It was all new to us...

Heat Strategy,

long days,

lay days,

being physically,

and mentally prepared.

The HOURS it took

trying to find the most direct

& cost effective plane tickets

from destination to destination.

and then the travel hours executed.

Longest transit time was 45 Hours...

Competition pushed our comfort zones, you don't get to choose "should i kite now or later"

when your heat is on you have to go. Haha this also presented us with kiting in conditions we wouldn't have even considered if not for our heat.

Stop #1 took us to Cabo Verde to kite Ponta Preta, 'The Pipeline' of Kitesurfing.

This truly was a lifechanging trip.

Kiting for the first time in offshore wind + waves,

and also the biggest waves we've ever been in..

The size of houses

steamrolling from the horizon

in all to perfect 6-8 wave sets.

Long period North Atlantic Groundswell,

detonating a stones throw from the beach.

Thick lips,

an inside racetrack

looking up at these solid walls of water like "is this going to shut down on me!?"

haha, fight or flight moments constantly.

The best part of competing is scoring World Class conditions with 1 other person in the lineup... Cabo Verde & Mauritius definitely were stand out moments.

Luckily we had each other as support,

for broken boards & snapped leashes,

reef taxes,


heat wins, and losses..

"The Wait"

Waiting to find out if you made it through your heat is tough..

and can leave you feeling heartbroken if you don't make it...

After that first event,

and finding success, with no expectation,

going forward from that was challenging...

The choice to pursue multiple competitions felt so different after that first one,

and the rush of 'just showing up'

making it to the world stage and achieving success,

to wanting. needing those heat wins

to help justify all the money you've spent on the pursuit.





Learning the ropes of competition was a trip on its own..

Learning Curves

2019 we spent the year with the worlds' best Kitesurfers at locations around the world.

It has been quite a change of pace from the usual ' Luke & Frances kiting by themselves' haha. Being surrounded by these athletes helped make the impossible seem possible for us, and we went after every session to push our limits.

The other competitors, and who we're lucky to now call friends, from the strapless tour are all legends. Everyone's so friendly and happy to help you out with pointers for improvement.

Airton Cozzolino literally paddled over to us our first surf session at Ponta Preta to say g'day and give us some tips where to sit.

haha usually always "go deeper man"

He is truly a legend, think about how many people you know that would welcome you to their home spot that's also the worlds' best kept World Class Wave, and help you out.


Learning Curves are fun,



Learning Curves become addicting,


maddening. haha.

But its the best part of kiting.

We pushed ourselves this year,

and on our lap around the sun

on this journey of progression

we've learned SO much

and can't wait to share everything we've learned this year

with you

We've both seen miles of improvement in our kiting.

In Waves

& Strapless Freestyle.

And now we can't wait to share everything with you going into 2020.

New videos coming soon to the Youtube Channel,

aswell as some exciting new projects.

So thanks for being here,

we'll cya in the next one.


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