Take a FLITE to the Tropics

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

The light wind kite that was almost a daily session saver for us in Cabarete.

What we love about this kite and why we believe it to be a must have in your kite quiver.

The Ocean Rodeo Flite is specifically designed for light wind. This 14.5 metre kite is actually the biggest kite i've ever flown so I was pleasantly surprised- actually really stoked- to discover how maneuverable it was for such a big kite!

The Flite is made with lighter weight material and a smaller l.e.i to get you out in impossibly light wind- which is why we see it to be a must have in everyones kite quiver.

Especially to anyone going on a kite trip or holiday when you might only have 7-10 days, this kite will get you out on the water, something I think any kiter values on a holiday.

Flite sizes available in 8m / 10m / 12m /14.5m /17m

Who doesn't like to be the first one out on the water :)

I had afew sessions I even beat the foilers out!

Luke did his riding test using this kite for our IKO Level 1 where you have to preform a self rescue, and it was no trouble! It is a big kite but totally manageable! Also stoked with how well it water relaunches!!

It comes with great hang time too so i've really had alot of fun back on the twintip jumping.

So much fun even, that when the rest of the water was a sea of 12m kites, I was still out on the 14.5 Flite having a blast learning sent jumps. In this stronger wind I was really only able to hold this kite down because I was using a twintip, the footstraps giving me the ability to edge more assertively then if I was on my strapless surfboard.

Photo credit: http://marcreates.co/

This years new Flite model, as seen in the last 2 photos, is even lighter weight!

Weighing in 0.6lbs less than the first Flite we had for our trip to Cabarete.

More recently we travelled to Tarifa- windy capital of Europe, asking ourselves while we pack "do we need to bring the Flite?..." the answer is always yes, and we are sure glad we did!

"You just never know even in the most consistent destinations for wind around the world, when there could be next to none.."

We love this kite so much it's to the point that we never even take this kite out of our car.

Seriously, the session saver.

Thanks for being here,

~Frances from FLUKES

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