Frances & Luke Join the Kitesurfing World Tour

You might almost say it happened by accident, or maybe it was only a matter of time until we crossed paths with the World Tour, but what are the chances we each scored the same result from each of our first events!? They just don't happen to be from the same year :)

This is a lucky coincidence that we just couldn't resist making a snaphot of; both of us with a 17th in the world ranking from our 1st ever GKA events.

For Frances her first event was actually at the last stop of the 2018 Kitesurfing World Tour in Torquay Australia, after earning 1 of 4 womans wild cards into the pro event at an otherwise closed competition. On the mens side, Luke unfortunately just came up short from earning the same.

The sheer excitement and disbelief of seeing a world ranking next to your name is something you will likely never forget. We were back in Canada, 1 month after the event had taken place in Australia, parked up in our favourite cafe in an attempt to escape the winter situation howling outside. Peering over the top of my computer to ask Luke "you'll never guess what" was pretty special, out of 32 female competitors over the course of the year, I was ranked 17th in the world.

Ultimately achieving a world ranking by competing in the Australia event was a total fluke, but despite that, the choice to pursue opportunities that present themselves is simply a choice. Either do it again or don't.

One more coffee later, we began looking up flights to Cape Verde, the first stop of the 2019 Kitesurfing World Tour.

Luke winning his first ever heat at a world tour event was into Round 2, a victory on it's own. The afternoon saw an increase in swell size, standing on the beach it looked devastatingly daunting... This saw another personal win, every wave Luke moved further inside, to take off deeper, staying in the pocket and executing critical manuevers. By the end of the heat Luke was right in the running to take the win, unfortunately just coming up short. Luckily with the forecast providing conditions all week the double eliminations would run giving Luke another opportunity to kite in the jersey.

Luke went on to win the first heat in the mens double elimination, already improving his overall standing in the event.

His 2nd heat was a great match up against one of the local legends Elvis Nunes. It was such an epic heat to watch, both competitors charging, going wave for wave, with Luke out in front for the heat win until the buzzer, where Elvis took the last wave for the win.

To finish an event in the top 20 is such an accomplishment. First time ever competing in a jersey, one on one format, with the worlds best, and achieving 17th. Luke has a well earned world ranking. And what are the chances Frances did the exact same from her first ever event, earning the opportunity to compete at the last stop of the 2018 season in Torquay, Australia. Here Frances earned 1 heat win to start off the womans double eliminations, it was 1 of 2 heats before the conditions deteriorated with the final standings coming from the single eliminations.

The first event of 2019 was the year for Frances to join the kitesurfing world tour as a full time competitor. Here she won her first 2 heats, kited another 3 that day to achieve 4th place in the womans single elimination and ended the event 5th overall.

Cabo Verde showed us conditions of a lifetime... conditions we never thought we would be kiting in, but here we are, competing with the worlds best kitesurfers and charging past our comfort zone to find progression on a whole new level.

Ultimately that is what Flukes Kitesurfing is all about, a lucky one-off that we decided to try again, and again, and again.. until it's no Fluke but a well earned personal accomplishment.

Now we are half way through our first year competing on the Kite Surf World Tour 2019, current rankings see Luke at 16th, and Frances at 3rd.

Our next goal is to progress our strapless freestyle and get back to making more kitesurfing tutorials for the Youtube Channel :)

Thanks for being here and sharing the stoke,

~Frances from Flukes

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