Going Snow Kiting for the First Time

Fresh off the plane from Australia, the adventure of snow kiting took us to the interior of British Columbia back home in Canada. We used our kitesurfing kites, plus our snowboards, and headed out to find a location that was flat, with lots of space and snow.

It was all new to us and we were stoked to give it a go. Initially we thought we'd be looking for an empty sports field but trumped that idea after coming across a snow covered frozen lake at a higher elevation. The last 2 years we've been living an endless summer so to be deep in the snow was magic, we were frothing! So with about 15 knts of wind we opted for an 8m kite, grabbed our snowboards and trekked out through fresh knee deep champagne powder.

Going Snow Kiting for the First Time

Tips to try snowkiting for the first time from FLUKESkitesurfing

  • Don't have any ski jackets? Head to Value Village (canadian 2nd hand shop) to find some epic retro ski jackets for under $20

  • Make sure the lake is actually frozen

  • Watch out for fences

  • Don't kite in white out....watch out for fences

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