Stepping out From Behind the Lens.

Stepping out from behind the camera lens marks a big moment for me in my kite surfing adventure. It symbolizes the confidence I've been working towards in overcoming self doubt, the struggle of learning to kite and to share what I've learned through kite surfing tutorial videos.

Overcoming Self Doubt The last 2 years i've started kitesurfing consistently and I loved the idea of creating content to help other kiters get through the same learning curves I've been through, but, for some reason, as soon as I saw the flashing red light on the camera I froze. Could not get a single word out. I Suddenly felt so out of place trying to make a tutorial video knowing I was really only a solid beginner at best... So who was I to share anything about kitesurfing when I couldn't even stay upwind!?

The Struggle of Not Being The Best

Over the course of the year I stuck to being the camera girl, filming Luke as we began to collect footage. Off camera, I continued to pursue kitesurfing, sometimes only 20 minutes at a time... there was no chance I wanted to be seen as a beginner. I just wanted so badly to be out there shredding with Luke, kiting effortlessly and of course I wanted to do it all right away; charging through transitions, wave riding, boosting airs on my surfboard, kite loops & tricks. Recognizing that there is a learning curve in kitesurfing and ultimately it's just time on the water has helped me to slow down and enjoy the steps to progressing. I've also realized that there can be value in not being the best. In all the struggle (and small success) i've experienced it can be worth sharing.

1 Year Later...Making My First Tutorial

After some solid hours spent, and really loving it, over the summer in Canada I finally felt ready to step out from behind the camera to start sharing my experience. So far, I've hit every kite milestone on my surfboard; first transition, first upwind session, first jumps, so I chose to make my first video on the things I've found made it easiest to kite a surfboard for the first time. No i'm still not a pro, but I've come around from being scared of being judged for not being the best to being more excited to share what I've learned. Here's my first video Tips for trying strapless kitesurfing for the first time a quick confidence builder and a few tips to help with your first strapless session on a surfboard.

My Goals with FlukesKitesurfing My goal in creating and being a part of this brand is to share the lifestyle and learning curves of kiting in a relatable way. At times it can still feel like i'm at the bottom of a steep learning curve but the desire to improve continues to push me on to take on new challenges and new learning curves. In sharing my struggle and success, I hope to inspire confidence in others to pursue kitesurfing. Together Luke and I (Flukes) will be releasing new kitesurfing videos every Wednesday and Sunday, I'm stoked to be the camera girl and to step out from behind the lens to add value to the kitesufing community.

Thanks for being here, Frances from Flukes.

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