FLUKES: what's behind the name

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This is how 2 surfers thought up their name Flukes, and adapted the meaning into their brand about the lifestyle and learning curves of kitesurfing.

Flukes Kitesurfing: What's behind the name

Luke and Frances both share the same personal goal to constantly push their kitesurfing boundaries to seek improvement and pursue new learning curves, sharing what they learn in a relatable way to help other progress kiting.


The name was d e veloped on vancouver Island, Canada's west coast, when Luke and Frances were out for a surf one day.

They were trading off wave for wave at a new spot they pioneered, the wave is actually between their favorite secret spot and a lesser known break. So on this particularly large swell that was almost the right direction the 2 of them were out, trading off wave for wave and trying to come up with a name for their spot.

'Almosts' and 'Barely Make-ables' were tossed around because it actually wasn't working that well. The size was there but it was too fast and too straight meaning they were basically just big close-outs. They were having a good time anyways, pulling into these close-outs, having a good laugh, nobody else around, trying to come up with a name when viola, FLUKES!

Literally Frances & Luke put together.

It was also a total fluke this spot was even working, well, almost...

'Flukes' then became how Frances & Luke described all of their unlikely adventures around Vancouver Island; scoring uncrowded waves surfing, camping, hiking...

It wasn't until they started kiting together they realized just how well it suited their kitesurfing endeavours.

Have you ever tried something above your skill level and totally nailed it first try? How stoked are you when you pull off something so unlikely?!

'Flukes' really highlights those sweet victories, the outcome of pulling off something so unlikely as well as all the time spent turning those one-offs into consistency.

"Sometimes it's a stroke of luck that we get the taste of victory, but mostly it's the manufactured outcome resulting from practice and failed attempts, the pursurveirence of practicing over and over again until the desired result is achieved."

-Definition from a Dictionary, adapted for Flukes Kitesurfing

Lets face it, how many times will you experience failure on the way to mastery?

So fluke or not we hope to inspire you to try something new, and regardless of the outcome,

try it again.

How far will you take your kitesurfing?

Today, both Frances & Luke are still testing their limits, pushing their comfort levels and taking on waves around the world as they compete on the Kitesurfing World Tour.

"Their Triumph was no Fluke"

All photos by @mar.creates for Mazda Canada



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