How To Toe Side Water Start Kitesurfing Tutorial

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

A toe side water start is power stroking your kite from a water start position to ride away toe-side.

This is a skill that will make your wave sessions run smoother, throwing a quick toe-side water start to outrun a wave is clutch. To get started i'd recommend starting this skill in a flat water area with lots of space :)

If you have never rode toe side before this is a great kitesurfing tutorial to help you get there.

Here's what i thought about until i could do them consistently:

Kite at 12, feet on the board

This is the starting position for your water start.

Dive the kite

Send the kite first (before your rotation)

My power stroke I like to make a little figure of 8; sweeping first to about an hour off 12 oclock and then back through the opposite power zone. This generates a little extra speed in the kite to give you the power to get up and riding quickly.

Timing your board & body rotation with the kite

Start following the kite as it passes 12o'clock. Do this by sinking your back foot to pop the nose of your board out of the water, directing the board to follow the kite. Your back foot will want to be on the back of your tailpad, keep that leg bent while your leading leg extends slightly to direct the board.

The trick is getting the timing of your power stroke with your board + body rotation.

The kite always has to go first before you & the board can make the same change in direction

As you feel the kite pull you out of the water, the kite will be passing 12o'clock through the power zone, drop your front hand and roll onto the balls of your feet to stand up.

Kite Away Toe Side

You should roll into standing position with the board pointing at the kite slightly downwind. The same as a regular water start tend slightly downwind first to get on plane before edging upwind. To edge upwind look where you want to go, square off your shoulders (riding toe side feels really natural taking your front hand off the bar) and apply pressure to the inside rail (toe-side). Your back foot determines how sharply you want to head upwind: back leg bent, apply more pressure on the ball of the back foot and the harder you can steer the board upwind.

So time to get out there and get practicing :)

Have fun, thanks for being here, and we'll cya in the next one

~Frances from FLUKES

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