Kitesurfing how-to self-land Launch instructional videos 

Have the skill to safely launch and land your kite, by yourself, in any conditions

It sucks when you feel like coming in just because you see the last person packing up, you don't want to miss them and be left alone as they run off the beach. It sucks even more watching the white caps on the water, the wind in the trees but don't feel confident to get out there... 

Of course, there are the safety benefits of knowing how to safely get your kite in and out of the air. And in our opinion, there isn't a "one size fits all" approach to self landing, or launching.

In the videos we explain 4 techniques for self landing, and 2 for self launching.

It's an important skill and we are happy to share it with you.

Know what to do an when, never miss a session, and most of all, have fun

Flukes Kitesurfing

To celebrate the launch of our site, we have decided to give away some free video training on

to Land and launch your kite, by yourself. You can get instant access for free below.

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