Learn to Kite

Basic kite skills to practice as a beginner kiter. 

Understanding wind orientation and how it can effect your upwind performance and improve your body dragging ability- A great review for beginner and advanced kiters.

How to set up and pack down your kite, bar and lines. 

3 Kite Skills to Practice on the Beach

3 More Beginner Kite Skills to Practice on the Beach
Wind Orientation

How to Wrap Up your Bar and Lines


Kite Launch / Landing

How to launch  your kite-assisted from the beach, how to re-launch a crashed kite in light wind, and an un-assited self launching.

Get the easy to follow tutorial course covering every method of self landing.

How To Find the Perfect Angle to Launch your Kite​

How to Water Relaunch your Kite In Light Winds


  • 6 part video tutorial course, your complete guide to un-assisted self launching & landing.

  • 2 methods of how to self launch your kite.

  • 4 different techniques to self land your kite anywhere, in any wind conditions.


Kite Upwind

How to kite upwind: understanding wind orientation to improve your upwind performance, or , to kite upwind for the first time.

Wind Orientation

How To Kite Upwind: 3 Tips to Better Upwind Performance

Kite Equipment

The kite equipment we choose for waves and why we love it, our personal gear reviews.  

Rear Line Adjustment Trim Bar:
Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Bar Review

Sliding Rope Harness Spreader Bar Review

Should You Wear an Impact Vest to Kitesurf?

What Type of Strapless Kitesurfing Board Should You Get?

Kitesurfing Surf & Strapless Freestyle Board


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